Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dang! I did it again!

Yeah, I forgot about here again. I don't even know where to start to describe what the One Way World has been like since last July. In August, I thought I had a job offer that would have taken me away from the hotel, but the lady just could't commit to a start date. So I gave up on it, which really sucks because it was better pay and better hours! So here it is, March and I'm still slogging it out at the hotel. My exact feelings on the situation could fill an entire volume in itself.

In October my brother got hit by a SUV. Not his car...HIM! He was crossing the street on his way back from the grocery store and the guy came across the street and hit him. Sun was in his eyes. My brother is doing all right, but is still disappointed he didn't develop any psychic powers as a result of the skull fracture.

In November, I went crazy and got a new car. Mostly out of necessity as my Neon suffered at the hands of several potholes last winter. Some were approximately the size of the Grand Canyon. It ended up being easier to replace than repair. So now I have a PT Cruiser. Yay.

2011 has been pretty dull so far. I think the only excitement has been getting an iPad.

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